Hair transplant Turkey – Cost, quality, value

Hair transplant Turkey - Quality, cost, experienceOne of the benefits of the Internet is the ability for consumers to shop around for the best prices and best quality. 99% of all goods and services can be found online with a price quote and reviews. For many companies, this has destroyed their monopolies on certain products and services while affording consumers more information and the ability to shop around. Even something as medical treatments or more specifically Hair Transplants can be shopped for price and quality.

Where is the cheapest place where someone can get a Hair Transplant?

Putting aside your brother in law stapling some hair into your scalp, the cheapest places where you can get a “professional’ Hair Transplant are Turkey, India and some parts of Southeast Asia. These countries and regions offer bargain basement prices with promises of a natural looking head of hair and minimal side effects or complications. But as we all know, if it’s too good to be true, it usually is. But for brevity’s sake, we will focus on Turkey which is the cheapest and closest option for those from the UK and Europe.

Turkey’s location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is easily accessible by air from both the East and West. Turkey offers Hair Transplants for men from mostly Europe and the UK as well as the Middle East and provides very cheap prices for an otherwise expensive procedure. Because of its cheap airfares and low cost of living, Turkey as a medical tourism destination is becoming more and more popular.

Is cheaper always better?

Prices for a Hair Transplant in the UK and Europe can be very expensive. So expensive as a matter of fact that many people will put off having one to the point where its no longer feasible for them because of their age and health. This we discussed in another article with regards to having a hair transplant at a young age and while you’re still very healthy. As elective surgery and a procedure usually not covered by your health insurance, a €/£ 10,000 expense for many people is not a viable option. But with the Internet, there is the ability to shop around and search for less expensive procedures.

In many cases, whether a service or product, the price does reflect the quality and with a Hair Transplant the last thing you want to do is to trade quality for price. Although a modern country and a member in good standing of the international community, Turkey is in many cases not up to the standards of the UK and Europe for medical procedures. When it comes to surgery, the idea of “going on the cheap” is a risky endeavor and one fraught with health risks. Check out our results on our hair transplant before and after page.

What are the risks of having a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

A few issues that we must focus on with Turkey are important to your well-being. As a non-EU member Turkey operates under its own laws, rules and regulations, with overall medical standards not being what you might be used to in the EU. There are plenty of stories which should be of some concern and should give you some pause in trying to save too much money.

Another that should be taken into consideration is distance. A direct flight to Istanbul from London is approximately 4 hours. It’s not transatlantic but long enough to give you pause if you have any medical concerns or issues post-surgery. If you do have medical issues, is it something which the clinic will take responsibility for and if not, where is your recourse? In extreme situations you could be left with a serious medical issue which constitutes more procedures, although not covered by the clinic. Of course, if its serious enough you can get treatment in your home country, but that in some respects defeats the purpose of going to Turkey in the first place.

The most important factor to take into consideration is that although Turkey is literally and figuratively on the edge of Europe, it is not Europe, and therefore consists of many cultural, social, legal, religious and political views not shared with members of the EU. We try to be inclusive and open minded, but the fact remains it is unfamiliar and, in some cases, very difficult to navigate.

Concerning the legal aspect, which I feel is the most important next to quality of care, it is a system much different from Europe regarding the rules and regulations that protect patients of medical procedures. If by chance there is a serious medical issue from malpractice, your ability for recourse will be difficult and at times fruitless. With this in mind, many clinics will be less apt to take seriously and post-operative issues that come to the fore.

Are there other inexpensive Hair Transplant options other than Turkey?

Yes, there are, and they can be found within the European Union and the laws and security that go along with it. Hungary has created a niche for Medical Tourism and more specifically for Hair Transplants using the state of the art FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. The cost of a Hair Transplant in Turkey might be a few hundred £/€ less expensive than in Hungary, which is a minimal amount, but would you be willing to risk quality and regulated care to save a few dollars?

The other issue is that of quality and any medical issues which might occur post-surgery. In Hungary you will not be caught flat footed with regards to your rights as a patient and your recourse. As a community of countries, the standards between one EU country and another are consistent and requires no special knowledge. These translates into certified surgeons and staff as well as private clinics which are up to the high standards of the EU.

For those looking to start the process of a Hair Transplant, there is no reason to look anywhere else other than Hungary. You will find the quality reflects that of Europe without the burden of high costs. To get more information please navigate to our consultations page.

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