FUE hair transplant surgery

FUE Hair transplant is definitely an sophisticated, minimally-invasive technique allowing for the harvesting of individual hair follicles from the donor area without a scalpel or even stitches, and for that reason leaves absolutely no linear scar. There are 2 primary ways that donor grafts are generally extracted these days: strip harvesting as well as FUE (follicular unit extraction ).

Hair transplant methods: FUT vs FUE

Strip harvesting is considered the most widespread way of removing hair and hair follicles from the donor site, typically the spot at the back and also sides of the hair scalp. A scalpel is needed to cut out strips of hair-bearing tissue from the donor site. Each individual incision is actually prepared to make sure that undamaged follicles of hair are extracted. Once extracted, the strip is dissected straight into follicular units, that are tiny, normally developed groupings of hair follicles.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) occurs within a rather long procedure or alternatively a couple of minor procedures. FUE is known as much more time consuming, dependant upon the operator’s skill level, and there are limitations on patient candidacy. The main advantages of this system over the classic strip harvest are that it will not leave a linear scar, as well as operation makes little if any postoperative pain. There are a few negatives just like bigger surgery time and higher price to the patient There is actually however some discussion around the practical use of this in screening clients suitable for FUE.

The FUE hair surgery

FUE is a kind of hair transplantation where the technique of extraction varies however implantation is equivalent to in strip harvesting. At the beginning of the surgical procedure, the complete donor area in the rear from the head is normally cut to 1-2 millimeter size. The person is placed in the prone location on the operating table. Local anaesthesia applied slowly and gradually across the total donor area.

All the grafts will be afterward taken out from the particular donor area through the help of 0.8 as well as one millimeter special micro punches. The medical doctor has to be capable to line up the tiny punch precisely, find the best depth as well as correct the particular punch to account for adjustments in path of the hair. Using the razor-sharp part of the micro punch, scoring of the scalp skin that contains follicular unit is performed.

Next dull section of the punch is actually introduced within the same area and it is twisted in order to release the particular follicular unit. Simultaneously, the assistant applies counter traction in order to facilitate the penetration of the punch within the skin. The assistant softly removes the particular graft with the assistance of forceps. The particular taken out grafts are after that protected in saline or perhaps chilled Ringer’s lactate solution.

The removed graft will likely contain just one to four or perhaps rarely even Five or perhaps Six hairs . It is the most time intensive and also tiresome component of the entire surgery. Following the removal is finished, the actual grafts will be inserted in the same way just as the rest of strip harvesting procedure.

Benefits of FUE Hair surgery:

From patient’s point of view:

  • No discomfort following the surgery
  • Can have shorter hair in the donor area
  • No stitching necessary
  • Minimal post-operative time to recover
  • No intensive blood loss throughout and even following the treatment
  • Microscopic marks throughout donor area are typically nearly undetectable
  • No need to visit physician once again to get stitch removal
  • Can utilise entire body hair for extra density with this particular system only
  • Can cover pre-existing surgical mark associated with strip surgery with FUE
  • Faster recovery time of the donor area — somewhere around one week
  • Quicker time to recover required prior to workout is possible 7-14 days

From surgeon’s standpoint:

  • It requires much less effort compared with FUT; A single physician together with 1-2 co-workers may easily manage a center.
  • The surgery is certainly much less traumatic as well as medical experience isn’t critical.
  • Graft preparation is actually marginal.
  • Less tools are needed.
  • Some kind of automation can be utilised like NeoGraft

Negatives of FUE Hair transplant:

From patient’s standpoint:

  • The cost ( blank ) FUE ich less affordable
  • It can be difficult to cover substantial spots
  • shaving of head is necessary
  • Not really feasible on patients having quite curly hair

From surgeon’s point of view:

  • Will require more time as well as work
  • A lot higher % of time the surgeon works on the patient: 80-90% ( FUE) comparing to 10-30% (STRIP)
  • Larger volume of grafts destroyed in the course of extraction: 1-2% ( STRIP) 5-10% (FUE)

FUE hair transplant automation

Regular FUE method ‘s time consuming as well as requires lots of doctor’s expertise along with tiresome work. Nonetheless there are actually cutting edge tools which can speed up certain parts of the medical operations.

For instance Neograft as well as Punch Hair Matic®

NeoGraft™ is usually a cutting edge tool that helps the harvesting of follicles throughout an “FUE ”-type hair surgery, enormously increasing the accuracy and precision and also speed over previously-used manual extraction devices.

Punch Hair Matic® electropneumatic healthcare apparatus, created by the corporation MEDICAMAT is another type of FUE acceleration.

Automation is undoubtedly important for the reason that delivers greatest graft high quality plus an great reductions in time. In the regular F.U.E. methodology, the slicing device ordinarily penetrates up to the top of the bulb, which greatly boosts the danger of transection when the angle of penetration isn’t completely inside the axis of the hair. In reality, quite a few surgeons acknowledge getting a loss of over
5-10%, that may be difficult accept for hair loss sufferers!

Volume of grafts

Nearly all plastic surgeons that execute FUE aren’t able to perform as many grafts in one procedure just like be done with strip harvesting. Commonly throughout one particular procedure somewhere between six hundred and 1,000 grafts are usually inserted, however a few of the finest doctors can put even two thousand grafts throughout just one visit.

Recovery following FUE hair surgery

FUE The time of healing is quite short. Donor area typically takes 1-2 weeks to recover. In that period of time collection sites recover and turn out to be undetectable. Restoring hair within that area helps to camouflage modest marks. The FUE technique enables us to have shorter hair with no stress about traces from surgical treatment. FUE could be the only option with regard to harvesting arm, trunk area as well as leg hair. This is the most effective method in order to hide some hair loss marks. With the development of most sophisticated tools FUE Hair surgery will be the future of surgical hair loss therapy.

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