Why Hungary

medical tourism HungaryHungary is a top medical tourism destination in Europe attracting hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors each year. Excellent healthcare services along with exceptional wellness facilites attract travelers from every corner of the globe and their number is continously rising. First our unique thermal and medical baths and spas aroused the interest of international patients who intended to participate on a gynecological water cure available due healing mineral waters all over the country.

Later, in the 1980s people from neighbouring countries started to discover that Hungarian clinics offered surprisingly high quality services at a fraction of the price than in their home countries. International medical tourists can make savings up to 75% and they can combine their medical treatment with a pleasant family trip. Hungary has a lot of experience in treating foreign clients and offers a wide range of options for marvellous free-time activites.

Dental treatment abroad – Hungary is your best bet

Hungary is proud to be a top destination for patients looking for professional dental care abroad. Hungary was the first in Europe to treat cross-border dental patients mainly from Austria and nowadays dentistry and especially cosmetic dentistry is far the most leading sector in Hungarian medical tourism.

The quality of work of the Hungarian dentists is ensured by several factors including comprehensive and high-level dental training, the most advanced technologies used, and stringent guidelines.Hungarian dental regulations are considered to be the strictest in the world. All clinics are fully equipped using the latest techniques and dentists have a extensive professional experience. This together attract foreign patients a lot all year round.

Cosmetic surgery is another important field of healthcare attracting many visitors to Hungary each year due to its cost-effectiveness. Budapest clinics offer all available procedures from simple cosmetic treatments such as mesotherapy to complex surgeries.

Hair transplantation – the only effective and lasting solution for hair loss

It seems that the new hair transplant method called FUE inspired Hungarian cosmetic surgeons and they adopted quickly as they saw the opportunity in hair tourism as a way to expand their business. 2012 saw great changes in the specialised hair clinic field – some surgeons adopted the FUE and later the FUE2 technique and they made hair restoration available to a wider range of male and female patients suffering from hair loss in search for a lasting and permanent solution to their thinning hair, receding hairline and bald patches.

Hair implants are by now affordable for an average UK or Irish citizen – and they can save up to 60-70% on the local treatment costs. Modern hair replacement is less invasive, painless and scar-free precedure for those having a hair problem. Major coming-outs of celebrities in the UK (that they had taken hair transplant surgery) contributed to the popularity of hair loss surgery and the need has grown significantly – and this where Budapest professional hair clinics come into play – with their super cheap costs and prices.

Eye surgery – eye vision correction

If you wish to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses in Hungary, it is also possible by undergoing a laser eye vision correction. It is a completely safe and fast procedure due to laser technique and the results are immediate. IntraLASIK technology was developed in Hungary and today used all over the world made the process of vision correction more comfortable than ever. With the help of this unique computer-controlled laser technique, clients do not have to face any pain or uncomfortable feeling and they can experience the results right after the surgery.

If you plan to receive a medical treatment in Hungary, the best to contact a medical treatment facilitator, who can not only help you to arrange travel, accommodation and leisure activities but they can also provide many information on clinics and treatments.


Why Hungary
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