Hair transplant before and after images

Check out some of the images we took before and after hair transplantation. The hair loss surgery takes 1-2 days depending on your needs and the results will be visible after 8-10 months after hair restoration took place. You may want to read reviews on TrustPilot the independent testimonial website. Click the widget below to get access to over 240 reviews or watch or video testinonials*DISCLAIMER: *Results may vary in individual cases.


FUE hair transplant in practice (outstanding results)

You should consider talking to us if you want similar results. Our Hair Clinic in Budapest, Hungary performs hundreds of hair transplant surgeries a year. Our service is clean profile FUE-2 SafeSytem Hair Clinic that has helped hundreds of UK men to get back their sel-confidence. Our most popular product is Package 5000 where we charge £3148 for harvesting and implanting 5000 hairs in 2 days.

Features of our hair resoration service involve:

  • first class hair transplant using the latest FUE2 Safe System method
  • over 200 UK patients a year (it is not like a conveyor belt as in the Near-East)
  • both local consultation and online hair status assessment is possible
  • great money saving potential: you can save between £2000-£4000 over UK prices
  • trained, experienced and qualified hair specialists do the surgery (with strict EU regulations)
  • aftercare with post-operative instructions and a written guarantee
  • customer made reviews and testimonials in video format
  • third party TrustPilot reviews of our previous customers
  • a professional, patient oriented service from first talk to after-care questions

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