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FUE hair transplant. Affordable surgical solution to treat hair loss, receding hairline.

Studies have shown an impressive surge in men ditching hair loss treatments in favour of hair transplants. Realising that miracle pills promising to restore hair loss are not all that they’re cracked up to be, men are no longer putting up with failed attempts of restoring their once lush hair. Popular drugs for hair loss treatment like Minoxidil and Finasteride can only do so much, and men are becoming increasingly self-conscious about their baldness.

According to experts, hair loss pills can only postpone or slow down your hair loss process for a while. Thus, men are seeking out solutions that are more permanent, and many even travel abroad to take advantage of the cheap transplant surgeries offered by other countries.

Hair transplants are still a somewhat new technology and they tend to be rather expensive for the average budget. There is also a stigma attached to it, as most middle-aged men are reticent to talk about their hair issues. Younger men in their 20s, however, are more open towards the idea of cosmetic surgery. The fact that many male stars like Wayne Rooney or James Nesbitt have fessed up about resorting to hair transplants has probably helped in shifting the public view on male cosmetic surgery.

Where pills and hair potions fail, hair transplantation excels

A good transplant surgery will be unnoticeable and will bring about the desired results. This type of cosmetic surgery has gone through a tremendous evolution in the last ten years. Trichologists (hair scientists) have discovered plenty of new techniques and technologies that are less invasive and much more efficient than previous ones.

Even though the interest in hair restoration has grown significantly (it has been reported that enquiries related to hair restoration have increased by 260%), younger male patients are not advised to rush immediately to hair clinics. Sometimes hair loss is determined by lifestyle factors and people should not jump to conclusions.

Making simple changes in our daily lives like reducing stress levels, eating healthy foods, working out, or using hair products without harmful chemicals may prevent damage to hair follicles and reduce some of the hair loss related issues. Similarly, in cases where a clear hair loss pattern is not yet established, patients are recommended to wait for a few more years as it might be too premature for a transplant.

Hair transplant destinations – Turkey, Hungary

Turkey has long been a favourite destination for patients dealing with thinning hair and hair loss. According to recent surveys, there is a 180% increase in men travelling to other countries for cheaper procedures. Hungarian hair clinics are now starting to dethrone Turkey’s appeal to foreign customers. Because of more affordable prices and the professionalism of Hungarian medical personnel, Hungary will soon become the flagship country for hair transplant surgeries. Patients from UK and Ireland get value for their money! No compromise in quality for half the price in the UK or Ireland. Now free consultation is available in Belfast and Manchester.

The future of hair loss treatments is not grim either. Advancements in stem cell research will lead the way for truly revolutionary hair treatments, which will efficiently stimulate hair growth factors. In addition, bio-photo stimulation devices will soon provide long-term solutions to the hair loss problems that we all face at some point in our lives.

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