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Cardiff (Caerdydd) is the largest and most popular city in Wales. A port city with a rich histroy going back millenium, Cardiff is a wonderful place to visit as well as to live. As the 11th largest city in the United Kingdon, Cardiff benefits from being close to other major cities in the UK such as Bristol, but is also a city with its own language and cultural history.

Is Cardiff, Wales an expensive city to live and visit?

Cardiff is the 13th most expensive city in the UK and the 57th in Western Europe. While an affordable city to live and visit, Cardiff is part of the UK which guarantees that prices in some areas will be more than others. You could live comfortably in Cardiff on a salary which in London would have you living in semi-poverty. A mid-size city such as Cardiff with its Urban population of 479,000 and Metro populations of roughly 1 million is not even close to London but you’ll still find plenty of things to do and enjoy in this beautiful port city.

Hair transplant Cardiff cost

As with the rest of UK and European Cities, there are certain services and products which can tend to be expensive. And when these are connected to the “vanity” and “beauty” industry, you can rest assured that people are willing to pay anything. I’m talking about the men’s hair care industry or more specifically Hair Transplants. Not exactly something you would associate with Cardiff, hair transplants are becoming more popular with the revolutionary techniques and natural looking outcomes.

What are my options for Hair Transplants in Cardiff?

Hair Transplant options in Cardiff, Wales are similar to what they would be in any other major city. As a capital city in the UK and Europe, there will be clinics on hand to perform hair transplants for men and women, although at a cost. On average a Hair Transplant is not cheap and can easily approach the £15,000 mark for a quality transplant. First, since these transplants in most cases are not covered by insurance, all the expenses are out of pocket. Second, since it is elective surgery and goes the fundamental feelings of self-esteem, these clinics understand that they can charge this amount and people will pay. People will borrow, beg and steal when it comes to their looks and well-being, so this is what the market has come to in the UK and parts of Europe.

Are there other Hair Transplant options outside of Cardiff?

Yes, there are options other than to have a Hair Transplant procedure in Cardiff or another city in the UK. Many in the UK and Western Europe have found the benefit of medical tourism and have gone “abroad” for many medical procedures. I use the term “abroad” which in this article is defined as Central/ Eastern Europe. For the past 15 years, clinics in this region have been providing quality and affordable medical care for those looking for a better and less expensive alternative.

Hair transplant Cardiff cost and cosnultation infoIn Budapest, Hungary which has been at the center of this industry, people are coming from not just Western Europe and the UK, but from the US and the Middle East. As one of the fastest growing capitals with a rising tourist population, Budapest is the perfect destination for a medical procedure, specifically a Hair transplant.

In Hungary, you can get a hair transplant for fractions of what it would cost you in the UK. For a 3,000-graft transplant, which is the average number transplanted, you can save over £10,000 for a full head of hair. This might seem too go to be true, but it isn’t. All you need to do is go to our website for the prices and to listen to the testimonials of the satisfied customers from the UK. The price also includes high-end accommodations for the patients stay here in Budapest.

With the advent of discount airlines, the cost of the flight averages £280 for a roundtrip/return flight from Bristol International Airport on Ryanair. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Cardiff to Budapest, but with a 2-hour drive via the M4 to Bristol, you’ll be in Budapest in no time.

What makes the price of a Hair Transplant so much cheaper in Budapest?

The reality is that compared to the UK, prices of goods and services anywhere are a lot cheaper. As a Central European country, Hungary benefits from inexpensive labor as well as the overall cost of living. This translates into much deeper savings then anywhere else in Europe. From the Hotels to the Restaurants to Hair Transplants, Hungary offers great bargains along with expert care.

Hair transplant before after images

The quality of the procedures are on par or better than in Cardiff and the rest of Europe. As a member of the EU (European Union), Hungary and its medical services are held to the same high standards as in the UK and Europe as a whole. All surgeons, hospitals, clinics, etc., are regulated and certified as they would be if they were located elsewhere in Europe.

Because Hungary is one of the premier destinations for Medical Tourism, they have taken the lead with cutting edge technology. With the introductions of the FUE Safe System, hair transplants are more natural looking and permanent. Only a few hair clinics in Europe have doctors that are certified for this technique, a few of which are in Budapest at our hair clinic.

Is all of this worth the trouble of flying to Hungary?

Absolutely! The first step is to contact us for a free consultation in Cardiff. You also have the option of having a consult over the Internet with a few god pictures of your scalp and a completed medical questionnaire. The questionnaire will afford the doctor a detailed insight into your medical history as to ensure a better outcome. After this is completed and you decide to fly to Budapest for your procedure, all you need to do is book a ticket.

The clinic will take care of all your other arrangements such as accommodations for your stay, transport to and from the airport, as well as the clinic. They will provide you with information regarding your surgery as well as some expert recommendations on what to do if you decide to stay for a while in the city. Nothing is left to chance and the experience and reputation of the hair transplant clinic will be apparent.

Contact us for a free consult and see how a short trip to Budapest can change the way you see yourself and the world.

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