Hair transplant UK consultation

Hair transplant: consult in the UK, get it done in BudapestWe know how hard it is to make that decision. The more you wait the worse the chances are to get a full head of hair (or a new hairline design) if your hair status fails to provide enough hair grafts to get a hair replacement from the back to the top and frontal section on your scalp.

To help you to make the first step towards a NEW YOU we decided to carry out local consultation – so we bring your future hair doctor to your town and you will get a fair assessment of your current hair status. If you entertain the idea, please read on…

Therefore, we offer free hair transplant consultation in the UK (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff and Liverpool) and in Ireland (Dublin, Belfast) to get an affordable hair restoration quotation with a custom-made treatment plan! To obtain big savings (50-70%) apply below and do not hesitate to contact us if in doubt. Hair transplant surgery will be done in Budapest, Hungary.

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Why go and have a free hair assessment?

Do you want to get back the original density of your hair? Are you dreaming of a full head of hair?  When men suffer from hair loss they should consider hair transplants as it is the only permanent solution to avoid full baldness or the only way to stop receding hairline.

Do you want as good results as Wayne Rooney, Calum Best or Gordon Ramsay? Are you worried about costs? You should not. You can take a hair transplant trip to Turkey or Hungary to get the procedure and you can save 50-60% on your local cost in the UK.

The average patient at our clinic gets the “5000 package” and saves £4000 over standard prices in the United Kingdom.

hair transplant UK consultation

Consultation in Birmingham, Sheffield, Dublin, Leeds, Bristol and London

We offer free consultation in several locations in the UK or Ireland. If you cannot attend the hair evaluation event you can send in your images of your head from different angles and get an online assessment. One advantage of the personal consultation is the fact that we have recently introduced a new digital hair camera to provide you with an even more comprehensive examination. The hair camera works as a microscope so our doctors can test the density of your donor area and get a better idea about your unique graft-hair ratio.

LEEDS: Princes Exchange, Princes Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4HY, United Kingdom

LONDON: Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BB, United Kingdom

DUBLIN: Pembroke House, Upper Pembroke Street 28-32, Dublin, D02 EK84, Ireland

BIRMINGHAM: One Victoria Square, Birmingham, B1 1BD, United Kingdom

MANCHESTER: 82 King Street, Manchester, M2 4WQ, United Kingdom

We help you solve your hair loss problem. If you suffer from receding hairline or you have mature hairline at a young age we can give you the natural looking hair loss treatment in Budapest. If you have bald patches on the top of your head (vertex hair loss) or you have thinning hair do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We provide high quality hair restoration at Turkish prices – which is a lot more affordable for most Bristish or Irish men. Come and get your hair done to get back your young LOOK with us! Check out our latest before and after results to get an idea what results we can achieve for you!

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