Hair transplant Manchester – UK consultation

Are you living in the area of Manchester? You may like our special offer to get your hair back! Use the opportunity to have a consultation in Manchester. Get an immediate evaluation of your hair and obtain a treatment plan to stop hairloss and restore receding hairline. All you need to do is sign up for consultation!

Consultation in Manchester, UK – Hair transplant in Budapest, Hungary

During the assessment of your current hair status you will get answers to your hair problem. We offer you the latest in hair restorarton technology – FUE hair transplant. The Follicular Unit Extraction is the harvesting and replanting method of the hair gained from the back of your head to the top of your scalp to regain your receding hairline. FUE is safe, scar-free and painless procedure to help male and female patients regain their hair crown, self-esteem and confidence. The answer to your lasting hair problem is FUE hair replacement! We offer consultation in Dublin and Belfast too!

Hair transplant Budapest - 50% more affordable than in Manchester!

Why Budapest, Hungary for hair restoration?

There are some good reasons that none can overlook. Our more than affordable prices with high quality service represent real value for all of our patients. Medical tourism is one of the strong points of Hungary – dental holiday packages bring 40% of all European health tourist to Budapest, Hungary.

Benefits of your hair travel are:

  • Hair transplant cost is much lower than in a private hair clinic in UK
  • Current cost is £0.71 / hair (compare this against £2.50 in UK)
  • You can save up to 70% on UK hair replacement cost
  • There are direct low budget airlines from Manchester to Budapest (Ryanair)
  • Ryanair flights are 3 times a week from Manchester to Budapest
  • The flight takes 2 and a half hours only with Wizz Air!
  • Tickets are cheap normally about £100 or less (Wizz Air – £98)
  • We provide REAL before and after hair surgery images and reviews

What is awaiting you in our Budapest hair clinic?

  • Helpful and polite staff that speaks English very well
  • Transfers from airport to hotel and back will be arranged by us
  • Booking of hotel, appointments
  • Guidance and assistance during your stay
  • Hair loss surgery that takes 1-2 days only (you can opt in for a long weekend hair restoration)
  • Highly trained, experienced hair specialists
  • Special discounts depending on your appointment
  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere at the hair clinic
  • Guarantee (18 months) for the hair implanted once you follow our instructions
  • No hidden fees of any kind

You will get a Harley Street treatment for a fraction of the costs in the UK. Hair loss surgery is no longer a dream – it is affordable and all you have to do is get a flight to Budapest and we will do the rest for you! Your first step to a new-looking you is the consultation in Manchester.

You may have heard of Michael Vaughan, Chris Steed, David Platt, Ryan Giggs – they all tried some sort of a hair restoration procedure to improve their look. This service is available to you as well. it is affordable, painless and scare-free intervention – you can get back the original density of your hair.

Hair transplants is also a way to stop receding hairline and to get a full head of hair. You can save £2000-£4000 if you get the hair loss surgery done in Budapest, Hungary!

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