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Wane Rooney hair transplant UKWhen mentioning Leeds and Hair Transplants in the same article, I would be remiss not to mention Jack Charlton of Leeds United and the World Cup championship team of 1966 and his younger brother Bobby of Manchester United. These two infamous comb-over duos set the standard of how not to approach thinning hair and the pitfalls of having no realistic options for hair loss.

Fortunately, the options are bountiful in the 21st c., and as we have seen with other well know footballers, such as Wayne Rooney, there are excellent options for hair loss. The comb-over is not a good look, and with the affordability and availability of advanced options, such as the FUE Safe System, you would be doing yourself a disservice in not exploring suitable options.

What are my Hair Transplant options in Leeds, England?

As the third largest city in the UK, Leeds doesn’t get the notoriety as some of the other large English cities. I’m hesitant to again mention the Leeds United football team as they are a shell of their former selves. Although with a great run in the 1970s its hard not to have a soft spot for the good old days. Fortunately, Leeds doesn’t dwell on the past and is continuing its growth and cosmopolitan lifestyle as a leading center of a huge private sector workforce as it reestablishes itself from its Industrial Revolution heyday.

Hair transplant consultation in Leeds, surgery in Budapest. Flights to Budapest via jet2One of companies that has seen growth in Leeds is the low-cost carrier headquartered in the city. Originally started as Channel Express in 1983, has become the fourth largest scheduled carrier in the UK. With a current fleet of 72 Boeing 737s and 14 more on order, will be around for a long time serving multiple destinations in Europe as well as Israel. For underserved cities such as Leeds and Budapest, it’s a great opportunity to capitalize on Holidays and Medical Tourism.

How can someone from Leeds capitalize on Hungarian Medical Tourism?

As the new hot destination city in Europe, with travelers from all over the world, Budapest, Hungary has been growing leaps and bounds in popularity while providing a fantastic Holiday experience. As a member of the EU (European Union) Hungary provides a seamless transition from other parts of Europe and the familiarity and standards which you are familiar and comfortable.

Hungary is now famous for another type of tourism and that is the growing industry of Medical Tourism. For those not familiar with this term or idea, medical tourism is the opportunity to travel to another country for a medical procedure, one which you cannot receive in your home country or a procedure which is less expensive although with the same or better quality and standards. Hungary has topped the list of destinations for medical tourists, especially in area of Hair Transplants.

What are my travel options and costs?

With providing direct flights to Budapest from the Leeds Bradford Airport for the average price of £200 (return/roundtrip ticket), the bargains are already stacking up. In Budapest the cost of the procedure, which includes accommodations, will be approximately 65% less expensive than in the UK. The quality of the transplant is on par or better than in the UK as Budapest is one of only a few cities that has a clinic that provides the FUE Safe System. The Safe System is a significant leap in the FUE process, resulting in a fuller head of hair and an increased success rate.

The savings and quality are unbeatable, all the while spending some time in one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Contact us with any questions or concerns and begin your journey to a new full head of hair. The Charlton brothers would no doubt approve of your trip to Budapest!

To sum up let us make a few remarks here. FUT is no longer performed at our Hair Clinic as we do the latest FUE Safe System procedure to maximise results and minimise scars and pain. FUE Safe System is the best option to stop receding hairline, regrow hair on the head top and get a full head of hair. FUE is the only permanent solution to hair loss and it is affordable if it is done abroad: Budapest, Hungary offers 50-60% lower rates, no hidden fees whatsoever.

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