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Hair Transplnts in London – There are only a few true International cities and of course London is one of them. Arguably the original first major city of modern times, London has everything your heart desires. With a Metro population of 14 million and 19 million international visitors in 2016, there is nothing that this metropolis does not offer. Museums, Art Galleries, Opera, Theatre, and Sports are just a few of the attractions which are on offer here in London.

For those living in London and those visiting, all of this comes at a cost which makes London one of the most expensive cities to reside and visit. From having a beer at the local pub to dinning in your favorite restaurant, the prices are continually increasing while pricing many people out of the city into the suburbs or even further afield. For some products and services there are options for less costly goods, although for others, you are stuck with the ever-increasing prices. Supply and demand is what makes these prices so high and while the demand continues, so does the cost.

What are the options for less expensive goods and services?

In most cases the options are few and far between. Food, rent, utilities, and transport are just a few things in which you are stuck with the London prices. Its not all bad news as the advent of the Internet has provided competition for certain items and has reduced certain costs. The other option is to fly to another country to purchase certain items or receive certain services, although this is very rare as the cost of the flight and time can be considerable, unless it’s for a hair transplant! This is one of the few opportunities that lends itself to flying abroad for treatment.

What services are worth travelling abroad to receive?

Whether you are an upper, middle or lower-class Londoner, many of you strive to look your best. This can be done by eating the right foods, exercising, not smoking and other habits, although there are certain cases where appearance is the result of specific conditions. Trying to look your best is not vain, although some people (like James Nesbitt, Wayne Rooney) do go above and beyond while their vanity is never quenched.

Many men are not immune to trying to look their best, and although they are not as obsessed as women, there is one thing that can bring any man to his knees and that is hair loss or receding hairline! Even the most confident of men will be in “therapy” once hair loss starts and whether you are from London or Istanbul hair loss is not a good experience for men. But for those living in London the answer to their loss lies not in London but in another great city on the European continent.

Hair transplants are the best option for hair loss, and for those who qualify for the treatment, it’s the best way to get that natural head of hair back. Unfortunately, prices in London have gone through the roof and elective surgery which is not covered by the NHS (National Health Service), is a “service” which has outpaced the income of many Londoners. But even with the cost airfare and accommodations, the price of a hair transplant in Hungary will be 60%-70% less than what you would pay for in London, and the quality being on par or better.

Why are the hair transplant so much less expensive in Hungary?

Compared to Harley Street in London where many of the private clinics are located, everything is less expensive, but the real answer is Economics. Hungary and more specifically the capital Budapest where most are the transplants are done is less expensive then London but still has the qualified and certified clinics, doctors and assistants. Most goods and services are much cheaper than in London, thereby translating into less expensive elective procedures such as hair transplants.

Another reason for the affordable treatment is that Budapest has some very good medical schools which attract foreign students who decide to stay in Budapest. Because of this, many Medical Tourism clinics are located in Hungary which creates healthy competition for patients from abroad. Fortunately, not only does the quality of medical procedures not suffer, but Hungary is a trailblazer in many hair transplant techniques such as the FUE Safe System which is only offered by certified surgeons.

Unlike other Medical Tourism destinations such as Mexico, Turkey and countries in Asia, Hungary is a full member of the European Union and comes under the supervision of all the rules, laws and regulations of the EU. This guarantees that a procedure in the UK, Germany and France is no more regulated than the one in Hungary. The laws govern the doctors and clinics and also protects the patients from malpractice and other less than scrupulous procedures and doctors.

Are there direct flights from London to Budapest?

One thing that travelers from London to Budapest will not be left wanting for is flight. In fact, I would bet that no other city has more of a selection of direct flight to Budapest. There are 5 different airlines flying from the 5 London airports to Hungary.

  • British Airways from London-Heathrow
  • easyJet from London-Gatwick
  • Flybe from London-Southend
  • Ryanair from London-Stansted
  • Wizz Air from London-Luton

With a population of 14 million in the London-Metro area and covering 8,382 square kilometers (3,236 square miles), one airport could in no way accommodate all of these people. Fortunately, the 5 airports are spread across the region, affording easy access to any airport while proving competitive prices. When you have 5 of anything selling virtually the same product, prices will no doubt benefit the passengers. Convenience and price make these flights a welcome opportunity for Medical Tourism to Budapest.

The level of service is also available on these 5 different airlines. While British Airways is the flag carrier providing the highest level of services, although at a higher price, there are much more affordable options for a lower cost and no-frills flight. With the flight from London to Budapest taking approximately 2.25 hours, you will not be spending much time in the air therefore making that discount carrier more tolerable.

Hair transplant cost in London vs Budapest – How much can you save?

Many of the flights by the discount carriers can be as low as £100 roundtrip/return which is your only large out of pocket expense. The cost of the Hair Transplant provided by the clinic in Budapest will include accommodations for your stay. Of course, you can always add a few extra days to your trip and spend time in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Hair transplant cost in London 2019

Do not take my word for the cost, quality and care of hair transplants in Budapest. Look at the reviews of patients from the UK and read and listen to the testimony of their experience here in Budapest. With approximately a 2-hour flight each way and a few days in this capital city, your transformation will be unmatched, and you will return a more confident person in both your personal and professional life.

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