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Hungary is the new hot spot for hair restoration services abroad. The country has made its name with its superb dental tourism and Budapest has received 40% of all European dental treatment patients in past years. Hungary is an EU member and a risk-free destination for medical tourists.

The growing need for cheap hair replacement has attracted medical tourism operators’ attention in Hungary and they use their own experience gained in the organisation of dental holidays for UK and Irish patients to serve the growing needs of affordable hair restoration.

No hidden fees, no tricks – all this is possible in a country that deserved to be the number one hot spot for medical tourism. FUE method is a painless, scar-free and less-invasive hair loss surgery option for half the price of local treatments in the UK or Ireland.

The real cost of hair transplantation – How much is it indeed?

Are you looking for the cheapest hair clinic in the UK or abroad (Turkey, India)? Depending on the amount of hair to be harvested from the donor area and replaced and individual factors of the patient the cost of hair transplant can be calculated easily with no extra charges added after the consultation has taken place. Beware of prices given in grafts as follicles in a graft vary from person to person – you will have a more precise offer after the personal evaluation. If you have 4 hairs in a graft then you will need to devide the graft price by 4 – this can be attractive. But what if you have 1 or two hairs in a graft? You will pay twice as much as a result.

Think about it – it is much safer to get your quote  for hairs not grafts (follicular unit) unless you want to take a risk and miscalculate. Such marketing tricks exist if you check google for fue hair transplant costs Turkey for example. Cost of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) in the UK can vary quite a lot and pricing is not always transparent and comperable. Also, the more hair you need the bigger discount you can get. If you want 2000 (hair follicles) grafts will cost you more than if you want 5000 grafts (which – by the way – cannot be done in one session).

Hair transplant cost UK vs Hungary

Hair transplant UK cost vs Hungary: save Ł2000 or more! Budapest is 50-60% cheaper!UK average price for hair transplant clinics charge between £2.5-£5 on average which can be high if you need to implant 3000 hairs or more. You can save quite a bit by asking for consultation in 7 UK cities and get the hair surgery in Budapest, Hungary. Currently our hair clinic charges £0.70 per hair implants – you can save 50% at least.

Hungarian hair clinics now offer hair resoration packages with bookings of accommodation, air flights and transfer from the airport. Low fare budget airlines make it easy to book a long weekend hair implant trip – 3 days should be enough for the fue hair transplant procedure and not as expensive as hair implants in London or Dublin.

Consider high quality services performed by experienced hair surgeons in Budapest. Hair loss surgery is a lot cheaper in Hungary than in the UK or Ireland. All patients will get value for their money! We have consultation places in London,  Manchester, Bristol and Belfast.

Hair transplant price packages 2023 (you pay per hair and not by hair grafts)

Save thousands of pounds on the price of your hair loss surgery compared to UK or Irish prices, and get back the original density of your hair with the help of our hair clinic even in 1-2 days. We use hair-breadth instead of number of grafts as they are more precise and non individual dependent. Financing options are cash or credit card paid on the spot with cash discount.

HAIR TRANSPLANT PACKAGES Number of implanted hairs Number of free nights in our apartment Price of the package PRICE with 5% cash payment discount
Package 1000 1000 2 1043 £ 990 £
Package 2000 2000 2 1464 £ 1390 £
Package 3000 3000 2 2095 £ 1990 £
Package 4000 4000 2 2727 £ 2590 £
Package 5000 5000 3 3148 £ 2990 £
Package 6000 6000 3 3569 £ 3390 £

The packages contain the following services

  • Accommodation and transfers
  • English-speaking staff during your stay at the clinic.
  • Consultation before the surgery
  • Payment (No hidden fees)
  • Discount for cash payments
  • Hair transplantation
  • Written guarantee
  • Post-operative Care

Guarantee for implanted hair

  • We give a written guarantee after the intervention.
  • If less than 80% of the implanted hairs will grow back, we re-implant the missing amount free of charge.

Hairpalace hair clinic in Budapest, Hungary awaits UK male patients for hair transplants

Hair transplants abroad: is it worth it?

Hair transplant costs can be influenced by various factors, with five key factors standing out. Firstly, the extent of hair loss and the desired coverage play a crucial role in determining the cost of the procedure. Secondly, the technique used, such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), can impact the overall price. Additionally, the experience and reputation of the surgeon performing the transplant can affect the cost. The location of the clinic is another factor, as prices tend to vary between countries.

Interestingly, hair transplants abroad have become increasingly affordable without compromising quality. Turkey and Hungary have emerged as hotspots for hair loss surgery, offering similar prices. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, holds a distinct advantage over Istanbul, Turkey, due to several reasons. Hungary being an EU member ensures high standards of healthcare, and flights to Budapest are relatively closer for many individuals. Moreover, Budapest hair clinics are known for their personalized and satisfying services, as they do not follow the conveyor belt approach commonly seen in Istanbul clinics.

Final remarks to help you decide on hair restoration in Hungary

Hair restoration has never been this easy. FUE hair loss treatment takes 1-2 days depending on your needs. Healing time varies but should not take longer than 2 weeks. To see the full result of the hair implant surgery you need to follow the instructions closely and in 6-8 months you will see the difference and you will regain your self-esteem. Check out our hair transplant before and after images for your own evaluation.

Hair regrowth can be this cheap indeed – you can save £2000 at least when the operation (surgery) is done in Budapest, Hungary. No hidden fees, EU standards are followed and a written guarantee is available to make sure you get the hair treatment you desire. Real customer testimonials: watch what our previous patients have to say on our hair loss surgery results!

Hair clinics to regain your self-esteem

You can stop your receding hairline, regrow your hair on the top and have a full head of hair with just one hair loss surgery. Get back the original, natural density of your hair in Budapest, Hungary! As the only permanent solution to hair loss hair transplants remain the best choice for natural looking fine hair!

Ask for a call back, free consultation is available! Get a new look!

Big savings of at least 50% on UK prices!
Hair loss treatments from £1390!
Single FUE session starts at £0.69!

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