Hair transplant Belfast – UK consultation

Belfast hair transplant consultation: meet your hair surgeon from Budapest Hair ClinicDo you live in Belfast or in its immediate environs? You should like our special offer to get your hair back! Grab the opportunity for a free hair restoration consultation where we can discuss your hair problem in advance and in great detail. Get your personalized evaluation and treatment plan for your hair replacement session that will be carried out in Budapest. All you need to do is sign up and get an appointment.

Consultation in Belfast, Northern Ireland – Surgery in Budapest, Hungary

Hair transplant Belfast: before and after hair loss surgery. Save Ł2000 on hair transplant surgery!After the great success in Manchester we extend our free consultation services. Get a free hair assessment during the consultation in Belfast. We use the latest FUE-2 hair transplantation method. FUE means harvesting and replanting of the hair gained from the back of your head to the top of your scalp to regain your receding hairline. FUE-2 is a smooth, seamless further developed method resulting in a scar-free, painless and non-invasive hair loss surgery. Regain your old crown or get a new hairline with us! Let us help you to regain self-esteem amd confidence.

Why Budapest, Hungary for hair replacement?

Budapest hair clinic offer high quality hair restoration with affordable prices. Save 60% on hair replacement!We have a number of key facts that you cannot overlook. Hungary ranks among the top destinations for hair transplant within Europe. Prices are at the Turkey Hair Clincs‘ level and services provided meet the highet standards. European Health Regulations are fully met and only hair surgeons can do hair transplantation. Hungary holds first place for dental implantology in Europe and enjoys a high reputation among UK and irish patients.

Benefits of your hair rejuvenation trip abroad

  • Hair transplant cost is affordableand much less than in a private hair clinic in the UK
  • Current cost is £0.71
  • You can save up to 60-70% on UK hair implant cost
  • There are direct budget airlines from Belfast to Budapest
  • The flight takes less than 3 hours
  • Tickets are cheap normally about £100 or less

What can you expect in our hair clinic in Budapest?

  • Helpful and friendly trained staff speaking English very well
  • Transfers from Liszt Ferenc airport to the hotel and back
  • Booking of the hotel room, fixing all appointments
  • Personal assistance during your stay
  • One or two day hair implant session
  • Highly trained, experienced hair specialists
  • Special discounts, price cuts depending on your appointment
  • Guarantee (18 months) for the hair implanted once you follow our instructions
  • No hidden fees

Get a flight ticket to Budapest and we will manage the rest for you! Your first step to hair rejuvenation starts here! Whether you need a new hairline design or hair restoration your only thing to do is to register below!

What if Jason Shankey can’t help anymore with your receding hairline? What if private hair clinics like Vinci seem a bit expensive? Hair restoration has become more affordable to most people with the new FUE method. You need to travel abroad to get 1-2 days’ surgery and you will become a new YOU. No problem here: low cost budget airlines take you to your hair surgeon and cost involved are affordable.


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