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Men living in Bristol can take advantage of our local hair assessment and may opt for a hair transplant surgery in Budapest, Hungary. Read further to get an insight!

As a city which has its own community currency, the Bristol Pound, to supplement the British Pound, Bristol is a city which finds creative solutions for a range of issues and problems. Although the Bristol Pound can only be used in the city, it’s an innovative way to keep investment local and to make the city an international tourist destination. This “out of the box” thinking has gained Bristol many plaudits and praises.

In 2014 and 2017 Bristol was named the best city in Britain to live by the respected Sunday Times and in 2015 won the Europeans Union’s European Green Capital Award. With an Urban population of 724,000 and Metro population of 1,006,000, this mid-sized city is always looking for better solutions to global problems.

Medical Tourism saves you money – Hair transplants, dental implants

Its this type of problem solving inherent in Bristolians DNA that gives rise to specific industries and sectors abroad. More specifically, Medical Tourism exists because of those looking for better solutions to costly problems. As the quality of life continues to rise in Bristol, so does the cost of living. Certain services and products become quite costly for the average person and more many others, unattainable.

If not in Turkey, where else could you get hair restoration?

If you’re searching for competitive prices in Europe, then follow the pack of other well-informed Europeans and Brits who head to Hungary for treatments such as hair transplants. As popular tourist destinations both Bristol, UK and Budapest, Hungary are served by the discount carrier Ryanair. With the average price of a round trip/return flight approximately £100 and accommodations adding a bit more, the total cost of the package is still more than 50% cheaper than in the UK hair clinics. If you live near Cardiff, please check out your options on our Cardiff-dedicated page.

Why is Hungary ideal for Hair Transplant surgery?

Hair transplant in UK Bristol with hair loss surgery in Hungary. Wizzair flights to Budapest to save 60% on costs!As a member of the European Union, Hungary is regulated by all of its laws pertaining to doctors, procedures and medical facilities. With such a demand and so many surgeries being performed, Hungary has perfected hair transplant procedures and is one of only cities that has certified surgeons in the FUE Safe System. This system is the latest and most advanced systems for hair transplants and requires special training and certification.

With a direct 2.5-hour flight to Budapest, patients from Bristol / Birmingham can take advantage of the huge savings and top tier solutions for medical procedures. There is no reason not to enjoy this option of quality, cost and the most advanced procedures in Europe. Come to Budapest and see what the best of Central Europe has to offer to stop your receding hairline, to regrow your hair to get a full head of hair again at our hair loss clinic. And be sure to read our outstanding reviews form those satisfied customers from Europe and more specifically the UK. Private clinics (like Vinci Hair) may charge you a lot more than our Hair Clinic does in Budapest. Always ask about prices and conditions, check out for reviews and testimonials – do the homework first before you make a decision to get back the original density of your hair. The best hair clinics have a waiting list, though.

Why should you consider FUE hair transplant in Bristol?

Hair transplant BristolUK hair transplants are costly. There are alternatives abroad – where you can get Harley Street treatments at Turkish prices. Hungary excells from among the countries offering cosmetic surgery for foreign patients. Hungary has been long part of the EU and it works with European standards. There are a few select hair clinics with limited capacity (unlike hair clinics in Istambul, Turkey) specialised in hair restoration and you can get the best hair transplants in the UK. FUE hair implants surgery is suitable to treat various hair loss problems. Most typical is male pattern baldness and its impact on males’s hair crown. Balding patches at the vertex, receding hairline on the front or thinning hair on the top make it hard for men to hold self-esteem and they start to look for hair loss cures. Once they start these hair loss treatments they realise they have to do it every day and costs can go up if they look at the amount they spend in a year. Hair re-growth products, medications, wigs and microscalp pigementation may not solve the problem entirely. At our hair transplant clinic we offer a simple non-envasive, painless procedure that lasts very long as long as you have healthy hair follicles at the donor area of your scalp. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the high standard yet affordable hair transplant procedure that can be performed in 1-2 days depending on your needs. Our hair clinic in Budapest offers a long-term solution to your hair problems with 18 months of written guarantee for the hair implanted. Cost of the treatment is about 50% lower than in the UK and all travel arrangements will be made by the clinic. Consider this an unmissible opportunity to get back your young, natural look of the scalp. We do offer free consultations in Bristol and Birmingham – you can meet our expert hair specialist / surgical team and get a personalised treatment plan.

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