Hair transplant result: Receding hairline, thinning hair

We have updated our available before and after hair transplant images section with new samples to give you an idea what we can do for you. These images were taken to illustrate the hair loss surgery results we were able to achieve with some of the latest patients in Budapest, Hungary. DISCLAIMER: results may vary in each case depending on the scale of your hair loss and volume of hair at the donor area. We advise you to act asap to make the most out of your current hair status. We are really successful with treatment of male pattern baldness, receding hairline, androgenic alopecia, mature hairline, thinning hair in general, hair loss at vertex and hair thickening treatments. Our most popular packages are the 2000 grafts and 3000 grafts plan with free accommodation and transfers in Budapest. Please study our hair transplant price packages now.
General hair transplant to improve look - volume, density increase

Alopecia hair loss treatment - get back your young look

receding hairline treatment - mature hairline at a young age

hair thickening, original density, full head of hair

Thicker hair transplant to improve thinning hair

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