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Affordable cost of hair transplant UK vs abroadAlthough it is much more typical for men to suffer from different forms of hair loss and to be the patients of hair transplant clinics, they tend to be less determined when it comes to seeking help. After a certain age, the possibility of experiencing some degree of balding gradually increases. Men are most often affected by genetic hair loss, producing a receding hairline or thinning at the top of the head, in other words some type of Male Pattern Baldness. As a high hairline and balding temples are often considered rather masculine, most men postpone treating their hair fall until it becomes too serious. Manchester City star David Silva decided to undergo the hair treatment which might be encouraging to many of those suffering from mature hairline and the good news is that the procedure is affordable when carried out in Budapest, Hungary.

We would like to brake the myth that undergoing cosmetic procedures is the preserve of women. At our Hair Transplant Clinic we are prepared to have male patients who are bothered by their hair loss and would like to do against it. Our hair transplant specialists use the most advanced FUE (Follicular unit extraction) technology with the finest equipment so you will be able to conceal the fact that you have ever had surgery, even at the hairdresser’s.

We recommend FUE hair transplantation as it is effective in treating any form of balding. Besides being cheap and affordable (you can save 50% at least in Budapest, Hungary) it is a painless and scarfree hair loss treatment procedure. Please feel free to contact us and get informed about your options; we guarantee your complete privacy. With lower costs hair transplant abroad can be significantly cheaper than in the UK or Ireland.

How Hair Transplants Can Help You

When it comes to restoring lost hair, hair transplant surgery is far the most effective treatment. Hairs growing on the skin of the scalp naturally form groups of one to four, called follicular units or grafts.

We have the most hair follicles (about one hundred thousand) on our scalp at the very beginning of our lives and their number is continuously decreasing, without new ones being formed. It means that hair loss is a process that lasts throughout our lives; with some of us being affected to a greater extent, while others not experiencing a noticeable change.

How intensely alopecia progresses is mostly influenced by genetics. The recession of temporal hair may start as early as right after puberty and the possibility of developing baldness in certain areas of the scalp increases year by year. The most common cause of hair loss is the hereditary condition known as Male Pattern Baldness or Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL), which is responsible 95% of men’s hair problems. If you have noticed some degree of recession in your temporal hairline and experience thinning of hair at the top of your head, you probably suffer from MPHL. Genetic alopecia may appear in other forms and proper diagnosis is essential in developing an individual treatment plan.

Unfortunately no one can predict the pattern, severity and extent of hair finally lost. The good news, however, is that both FUT and FUE hair surgery work effectively to eliminate this unpleasant sign of ageing and there is a way to restore receding hairlines with hair loss treatments at favourable cost.

Hair restoration rates abroad – Painless, scar-free and affordable in Budapest

Besides the reconstruction of naturally lost hair, follicular unit hair transplant is also a successful remedy for traumatic hair loss resulting in completely hairless surfaces, as well as for the overall thinning of the hair after a serious disease, extreme stress or a negative reaction to medications. Be sure to ask for a personal consultation with our surgeon in Budapest, Hungary and learn more about your options of regaining a youthful and natural appearance. We offer new hairline design, thicker hair on the top of your head – you can feel younger, more energetic and you will have more self-esteem and confidence and this is what your friends will notice after your hair transplantation. A bold (bald) decision from your part and a serious challange from us – but this is the way to go! A hair transplant procedure isn’t normally available on the NHS, as it is regarded as cosmetic surgery. The hair replacement procedure takes 1-2 days only and it can be done during weekends so patients do not have to take a day off. If you cannot afford a Harley Street treatment you can opt out for Budapest, Hungary.

How much does it cost then?

Your cost will be as low as £0.8 per hair or £1.73 per hair graft on average. Packages start from £990 but most men take the one day package and pay about £3.400 for the treatment. Budapest is competing against Turkey and India regarding hair clinic treatments.

Consider some facts that speak for Hungary

  • it is easy to reach by low cost airlines (within 3 hours)
  • hair implant surgery takes one or two days
  • Budapest is suitable for long weekend hair loss treatments
  • written quarantee for the hair transplanted
  • EU standards are fully met
  • only qualified doctors (hair surgeons) can perform hair implantation
  • HairPalace offers free local consultations with real doctors

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Good candidates that might opt for FUE SafeSystem

  • Those men between the ages 22-65
  • Those suffering from Male Pattern Baldness (Alopecia)
  • People having a mature hairline
  • Those having thinning hair on the top
  • Men wanting more hair volume and higher density
  • Any male patient who want get back their young look

If so, do not hesitate, ask for an unbinding consultation now! The number of consultation locations is growing: London, Belfast, Manchester, Dublin, Bristol, Sheffield, Leeds and more to come in 2019!

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