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Dr. Farjo Hair Institute - Farjo ClinicThe Hair Loss industry is very competitive and is getting worse, or better, depending on how you look at it. With new technology and improved results, there is more of demand for Hair Transplants and doctors to perform these procedures.

With any competitive industry or market, there will be cut throat competition with varying degrees of results and costs.

Some rise to the top while others fall by the side of the road. In the case of Dr. Bessam Farjo, he seems to have figured out the recipe for a long lasting and reputable clinic, while contributing to the research for hair loss.

What is the story behind Dr. Bessam Farjo’s success?

The difference between Dr. Farjo and many of his peers is that his whole medical focus is on hair loss and no other part of the body or another elective procedure. As a specialist in this area of medicine since 1993, he has been instrumental in the study of hair loss and the growth of hair through technology. As founder of the Farjo Hair Institute he has provided care and advice for patients who suffer from this condition. Some of his more famous clients include, Duncan Bannatyne OBE, Clayton Blackmore, Kyran Bracken, Micky Gray, Gaizka Mendieta, Alistair Petrie and Shaun Williamson.

As an expert in his field Dr. Farjo is a member of many associations and societies as well as being a speaker at various events and has received various rewards. Keeping up with the progress in the industry is difficult enough, but Dr. Farjo has teamed with various UK universities for further research. These include University of Bradford, Durham University, University of London and University of Manchester. Dr. Farjo also offers seminars to fellow Hair Transplant surgeons to inform them of the progress in the industry as well as new and better techniques. Doctors at are our clinic in Hungary have attended these seminars for their continuing education and have been certified.

Can I afford a Hair Transplant for Dr. Farjo’s Hair Clinic?

No one wants to substitute quality in the search for an affordable procedure. As a London and Manchester based clinic, there will be a price to pay for a hair transplant at one of Dr. Farjo’s clinics. For those in the top 1% of income earners, the price of a £10,000 hair transplant might all be in a day’s work, but for the average working man this is a non-starter. Because most hair transplants are not covered by the NHS the whole amount comes out of the patient’s pocket.

The good news is that there are options available where the patient will not have to sacrifice quality for price. Competition and the free market economy is a wonderful way for prices to come down while quality is still improving. As mentioned above, the Hair Transplant market has been growing in leaps and bounds while still retaining the increases in technology. Anyone located in the UK, Europe or the US, has a great opportunity to have transplant surgery by doctors as well trained as Dr. Farjo.

Hungary has some of the top medical schools in the region, while many of the international student body stays in Hungary to practice their craft. In the past 15 years, Hungary has become the medical tourism capital of Europe and the world.

Offering the highly advanced FUE Safe System procedure, our clinic can give a natural and full head of hair at a fraction of the price of anyone elsewhere. Clinics in countries which will remain nameless, do offer a Hair Transplant procedure a bit cheaper, but this is where you would sacrifice quality for price. In the case of Budapest, you can save over 70% for your hair transplant procedure with the cost of accommodations, and airport and clinic transfers. If you are somewhat skeptical please take a look at the video reviews of our patients who have our services. You will be amazed at the results and the satisfaction of all our patients.

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