Hormonal changes as cause of hair loss

Hormonal changes affecting hair growth

Hormonal changes occurring in the body can be responsible for hair loss in both men and women alike, although it is more common in women as there are more contributing factors. Hormones can affect the growth and re-growth of hair as they are in control of what is happening inside the body.

In females, hormone levels are constantly altering due to period cycles, pregnancy and the menopause. There is a fine balance maintained between estrogen levels in the female body and the presence of testosterone; when hormonal changes occur, this shift in balance can result in a female being more susceptible to conditions that are more commonly associated with men, hair loss being one of these.

Hormonal Imbalance Confirmation

Hormonal imbalance can be confirmed by a visit to your local heath care centre where they will be able to advise on any medications that you may be able to try; often people are less keen to try to alter it chemically and so rely on natural homeopathic treatments. Some of these natural remedies can stimulate the production of estrogens in the body which can often balance the problem back out.

Not Usually Permanent

The good news about hair loss caused by hormonal changes is that this type of baldness is not usually permanent; many sufferers often find that as their body naturally levels out the balance of hormones inside it, hair often grows back with the same vitality as before at no real cost or effort.

Pregnancy can be a time of hair loss for many women due to the massive changes that are occurring inside the body and the way the hormones are affected. This can be very stressful at the time as many women fear that it will not resolve itself, however most find that after the body has recovered from the pregnancy and from breast feeding then the condition subsides.

A doctor will generally not prescribe any treatment for hormonal hair loss, unless the condition persists for an extended period of time; this is because the hair loss is being caused by a temporary hormonal imbalance, and as the follicles are not getting damaged normal re-growth should resume in time and thus hair transplants may not be necessary.

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