Hair transplant for young men

Hair transplant for young men: stop mature or receding hairline!For long, hair transplant was not an option for young men, and neither hair clinics nor patients were even considering it as an alternative. It is only recently that this procedure has become available for young men as well. Lets’s look at the details and see how much hair restoration can help to combat receding hairline.

Men in the age group of 25-35 who are struggling with noticeable hair loss, are now making a beeline for hair clinics. Depending on age and other factors specific to each case, young men can now resort to hair transplant surgery, but not without restrictions.

Losing hair at such an early age is often a daunting experience, which explains why men are eager to try anything to get their hair growing again. Good surgeons, however, will not oblige to any and all of their young patient’s requests. After a rigorous analysis of each case, the hair transplant doctor will try to delay surgery as much as possible, advise patients to seek out other treatments first, and ask them to return in a couple of months for another consultation. Usually, immediate hair transplants are out of the question.

Overall, getting a hair transplant in one’s mid-20s has certain advantages. Young patients are healthier, they usually don’t take medication, and they recover much more rapidly. They are likely to be more motivated and committed to a treatment that may take a long time. These are all important aspects that cannot be neglected when determining whether somebody can be cleared for hair transplant.

Naturally, hair transplantation has implications with respect to the self-confidence and self-image of young male patients. Not being forced to deal with baldness for a very long time, these patients will not go through lasting traumatic experiences involved by the social stigma attached to baldness.

To see if patients have inherited any hair loss traits, a seasoned surgeon will ask to see the patient’s family members to assess their hair loss patterns and any other traits that may be relevant to the case of the patient undergoing hair transplant surgery. The hair surgeon may ask to see photos of family members who cannot be present at this consultation.

New hairline design with hair transplants

Setting a hairline is something that the doctor will decide together with the patient. Of course, any patient who opts for hair transplantation will want a low hairline, similar to the one that they once had. Good doctors will discourage a very low hairline in order to save more donor hair, and will argue in favour of a higher hairline. Thus, in case the patient will later need other surgeries, the donor area will still be reliable to supply donor hair.

With a higher hairline, more fullness can be achieved on the top of the patient’s head, given that there is less area to cover. A higher hairline will not look like a receding hairline, so patients need not worry about this. Cost of hair transplant treatment varies but has become affordable for most Bristish male patients in Hungary.

Except for cases when a hair loss pattern is impossible to determine for patients who are too young or for cases when hair loss can be managed with medical treatment, there is no reason why young men should not have hair restoration surgery.

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