David Silva Hair Transplant

David Silva hair transplantBeing a celebrity, and I use that term loosely, in any era can be a double-edged sword. Being a celebrity in the age of the Internet and more specifically Social Media can be downright brutal. Celebrities live and die by the sword as their every accomplishment is viral, as well as every screw up and indiscretion. Whether you’re a Rock Star, Porn Star, Football/Soccer Star or even some washed up B-actor on a reality show, every action or inaction is only a tweet away from going viral. The latest victim of “being under the microscope” is Manchester City star David Silva, who is in the cross hairs (no pun intended) because of some pictures of his hairline and shaved head.

Did David Silva recently receive a Hair Transplant in the last year?

Without adding fuel to the already burning fire, it seems apparent that Mr. Silva did undergo an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant. Pictures swirling around the Internet show a once long hair David Silva being replaced by a shaved head version. The images show many things that would confirm that he did have hair transplant surgery.

First, many people will shave their heads completely to maximize the procedure and improve the results. For Mr. Silva who used to sport a full head of long hair, it’s now apparent the hairline is receding, and he was in need of a transplant. Second, the implanted follicles have already been implanted at the hairline which is a bit off color from the rest of his scalp. You can also see with a closer look the actual grafts that were transplanted. Since he seems to have a very good hair growth on both the back and sides, these were most likely where the donor hairs came from. But for cosmetic purposes, many choose the back of the head.

As an athlete he can get away with a shaved head and no one will think twice. Many of these guys have changing hairstyles anyway, so a shaved head is no big deal. The social media buzz seemed to favor David Silva’s shaved head, although I’m confident he wanted his old head of hair back.

Are there any issues with profession athletes undergoing a Hair Transplant?

The quick answer is that there is no issue with athletes undergoing hair transplant surgery. Although there are some issues which must be addressed. From Looking at David Silva’s pictures, it is likely that the transplant occurred in the recent past. The grafts and the discoloration of the skin seems obvious if you look closely.

The one concern with professional athletes having a hair transplant is not the procedure itself but the post-op care. As with any type of surgery you are highly advised by your doctor that a period of rest after the operation is essential for the healing process. The more major the surgery, the longer the patient needs to recover. For a knee, arm or foot surgery, a professional athlete will no doubt take the advice of the doctor, especially when rehab is involved. In the case of a hair transplant, it is wishful thinking to think an athlete like David Silva will sit on the couch and recoup from a hair transplant.

My concern is that if they do relax for a week post-surgery, that on the 8th day they will go back to their hardcore routine which will have an effect on the procedure. I understand that its their job as a professional athlete, but surgery is surgery and the post-op care is almost important as the surgery itself. The best route to take is for the athlete to have the procedure during the off-season which will ensure a more better outcome. In most cases for the average patient, if the transplant is unsuccessful it is usually the result of por post-op care.

Can those who aren’t millionaires afford Hair Transplant Surgery?

You don’t need a salary of a professional footballer to afford a top-notch hair transplant. On the contrary, there are plenty of options, although the best for those from the UK and Europe is to head to Budapest, Hungary. Although not known for its Football prowess, like those found pretty much everywhere, Budapest is known for its Medical Tourism industry, more specifically Hair Transplants.

Those such as David Silva and Wayne Rooney have no need to fly to Budapest to save 75% on the procedure. But the average person who can’t afford a 10,000 Pound, Dollar or Euro surgical procedure will find Budapest a great alternative. It’s a quick flight with great accommodations and the most advanced surgical procedures in the world. Only a few cities use the FUE Safe System and Budapest is one of them. Get that great head of hair with professional athlete results but at a fraction of the cost. Find out how much you can save in London in 2020.

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