Wizz Air flights to Budapest

Hungary is one of only a few countries which does not have a National Carrier. Since the insolvency of Malev, the former National Carrier, in February of 2012, Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. has become the de facto national carrier and has picked up many of the slots which were once Malev’s. Although a low-cost airline, Wizz Air has done a great job in filling the void and is currently serving 42 countries throughout the region. With a fleet of 91 Airbus A320s and 279 on order, Wizz Air plans to stay in the air for quite a long time.

Travel for your health and beauty

This transition has greatly helped Hungary and Wizz Air as Hungary has become a premier destination for holiday tourism and medical tourism. For a long weekend or a few weeks, Hungary and especially Budapest, has become one of the most popular destinations for those from Europe and the rest of the world. This Central European city has gone back to its roots as a former Habsburg capital and created a true European experience which is second to none.

Medical tourism to Budapest: hair transplants, dental implants

As for Medical Tourism, there is no better place in all of Europe for these procedures. Budapest is world-renowned for its quality and affordable hair transplant procedures as well as others such as dental tourism. Because of the average cost of living and the quality medical schools, Hungary has the ability to undercut all other cities in Europe and elsewhere.

Wizzair from London: Gatwick, Luton // Bristol, Liverpool, Belfast, Birmingham

For those living in the United Kingdom there are plenty of affordable and convenient flights throughout the region. You will be hard pressed not to have one of the many Wizz Air destinations close to you. In the UK these include:

Aberdeen Belfast
Bristol Birmingham
Doncaster / Sheffield Glasgow
Liverpool London (Gatwick and *Luton)
*Luton is also a base for Wizz Air  

Wizz Air to Budapest - Connects London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol

With 39 countries being served in Europe and over 100 desitnations, there will always be a low-cost and quick and convenient flight to Budapest. Wizz Air is also expanding into other continents with current destinations such as Morocco, Azerbaijan, Israel, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates.

Wizz Air has afforded a grand opportunity for those living in the UK and elsewhere to capitalize on Medical Tourism in Hungary. The cheap flights, inexpensive accommodations and quality and low-cost care makes Hungary a top destination.

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