How to choose a hair clinic?

How to choose a hair clinic?When all traditional hair loss treatment methods fail – shampoos, supplements, topical cream, prescription medicine, etc. – hair transplant remains the only viable option for restoring hair. The success of hair rejuvenation depends on many factors, and one important factor is choosing a hair clinic wisely.

If you don’t know where to start, this guide to choosing a hair transdplant clinic will walk you through the things you should know about selecting the best hair clinic for you. Here are the most important things to consider:

Hair restoration experience

Performing hair transplant surgery is a meticulous and difficult job that requires a lot of training and experience. Make sure that the hair clinic you’re choosing is a reputable one that employs surgeons with years of experience in their field.

Check online to see reviews about the clinic or hair surgeon in question to get an idea about the experience others had while undergoing surgery at that clinic.

Free local or online consultation

Not all patients qualify for a hair implant, but some hair clinics will try to push people into having a hair transplant anyway.

What’s more, not all patients with hair loss need hair transplant, at least not right away. Usually, good hair specialists will investigate the causes of your hair loss, and if they can identify an underlying cause, they will try non-invasive hair restoration methods before they recommend hair restoration.

Before you make any payments towards surgery, make sure you’re a suitable candidate by discussing all treatment options with your hair specialist.

Hair transplant procedures

There are two main hair transplant procedures used today: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip) procedures. The FUE procedure works by extracting individual hairs, while the FUT procedure is carried out by extracting a strip of hair from the donor area.

Each procedure has its advantages and disadvantages, and a good hair surgeon will discuss these with you to decide on the best procedure together.

Hair transplant cost

Cost is, of course, another important thing to consider before getting hair restoration. Hair transplants are rather costly across the board, and generally, the more reputable and modern a hair clinic, the higher the costs of your procedure.

There’s one exception though – getting a hair transplant abroad in a country like Hungary. By going to a reputable hair clinic in Hungary, you’ll be able to save sometimes as much as 60% on your hair loss surgery.

Hungary is a good destination for male patients from all over Western Europe because it’s an EU member state, which means hair clinics are bound by the same regulations as clinics in other parts of the EU.

In Hungary, FUE hair surgeries are carried out only by surgeons specialised in hair transplant surgeries and hair clinics come highly recommended by former patients.


Finding a hair clinic that offers good value for money takes some research, but once you find the best clinic and procedure, you can look forward to your hair loss procedure.

If you’re not happy with the prices quoted by hair clinics in your country of residence, look into reputable hair clinics in Budapest and ask for a consultation!

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